cakequirks - incredible edibles baked with love & confection
Each loaf serves  10 generous portions, great for you to enjoy with that well earned cuppa!!  They're easy to slice and also great for picnics, parties and afternoon teas.
LEMON DRIZZLE -   a real classic zingy & sugar crunch topped, delicious for  breakfast.
ORANGE DRIZZLE - a slightly sweeter variation, made with real oranges, full of citrus flavour zing
HONEY LOAF  - Dense , sticky & full of honey sweetness
FARMHOUSE FRUIT LOAF -  light textured, rich with dried mixed fruits, with or without nuts.
CORNISH LOAF -  a rich vanilla loaf with a touch of ginger and a sticky caramel, nutty dried fruit layer, fab with a cuppa or served with cream as a dessert.
CHOCOLATE LOAF - A rich loaf moist with decadent chocolate
CHOCCA MOCCA LOAF -   A fab treat with a cuppa
CHERRY & ALMOND  - A classic favourite moist & sweet
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